Aaron Sumner

Sound Refound is an online gallery of promotional flyers for concerts. I've collected these over the years, primarily in the Lawrence, Kansas, and Seattle, Washington areas.
atom-everydayrails-rspec is package of snippets to speed up and simplify writing tests in the Atom editor, as taught in my Rails testing book. I use these snippets every day to speed up writing tests!
Next projects coming soon. I'm messing around with some JAMstack stuff and fresh book idea(s) at the moment. You should probably subscribe to my newsletter and stay current.


I'm Aaron Sumner, of Astoria, Oregon, USA; by way of Lawrence, Kansas, Seattle, Washington, and Jersey County, Illinois.

I've worked on the web since 1994 when I began creating some of the very first departmental and organizational websites as an undergraduate at the University of Kansas. Over the years I've worked my way through static HTML to Applescript (yes, Applescript) to Perl to PHP to Ruby. Since 2005 I've worked mostly with Ruby and Rails, with a dose of Javascript and helping of Python. I'm becoming more fluent and productive in React right now.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer at O'Reilly Media. Most people who know me know me as a tech author, though; I wrote Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec and have blogged at Everyday Rails since 2010.

When off the clock and away from the text editor, I like outdoor cooking, baseball (go Cards), college sports (Rock Chalk Jayhawk), woodworking, and running.

I still learn new things every day. Sometimes I share them here. Thanks for following along.