Aaron Sumner

Apple TV + Boxee = AWESOME

Yeah, yeah, long time no write–but I wanted to point out that today's post about hacking Apple TV to support Boxee on Gizmodo inspired me to actually use that alpha Boxee account I've had for a few weeks and hack my Apple TV. Two words: Awe. Some. I tested it by watching the 2008 Orange Bowl on Hulu, right through Aqib Talib's pick-6 (and the ensuing unsportsmanlike conduct penalty). Video quality wasn't spectacular, but definitely watchable–especially for those times when something screws up on my DVR or cable provider and I need to watch one of the few shows I still follow online.

I'm going out to Costco tomorrow and wondering if I shouldn't just go ahead and buy a big fat hard drive to set up as a NAS for media sharing to this thing now–

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