Aaron Sumner

Hulu blocks boxee. Blame old media.

BC83D9D7-E35E-46E4-81BF-397F85B8ABA1.jpg I love boxee. I love Hulu. Together, they were totally awesome–my girlfriend and I could watch shows on an actual TV, not squinting at a laptop screen. Unfortunately, Hulu is now being blocked on boxee. Hulu's not to blame here–it's the content providers (NBC and Fox) who complained. As many of the blogs covering this situation have noted, boxee didn't block ads–so my guess is the only reason the providers made this decision is because boxee isn't something they directly control.

Hopefully we can get a little bit of an uproar about this and convince the content providers that boxee is providing them a valuable service. I hate it when consumers get left out in the cold because old ways of thinking win out.

(via boxee blog)

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