Aaron Sumner

Easily run Lynx on a Mac with Lynxlet


Who needs Safari 4 or Firefox 3.5?Besides Wilt Chamberlain and Paul Rudd, my alma mater's greatest contribution to the world is probably Lynx, a text-only web browser from the days before Flash and AJAX. Believe it or not, I still use Lynx. It's useful for testing HTTP connections from remote servers, downloading software onto said remote servers, or just good old retro web browsing. I'm kind of proud that, with a few exceptions, most of my current online projects still look pretty good in Lynx.

I've always installed Lynx via MacPorts, but that requires some extra steps you probably don't want to take if you're just interested in using the browser. Now, there's a "termlet" called Lynxlet that takes care of the dirty work–namely, installing Lynx, opening your terminal and typing "lynx"–for you. Download, drop in your Applications folder (or even better, your Dock!) and relive 1993.

(via A Fresh Cup)

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