Aaron Sumner

Seth Godin on "the problem with non"

Seth Godin's blog isn't always my favorite read, but yesterday's post on the fear of change inherent within non-profit organizations is spot-on. As someone who's helped start non-profits, donates time and/or money to a few non-profits, and gets at least his share of direct mail and phone calls asking for more money and more time, I can attest. (It could also be said that I'm employed by a non-profit, though the university is not a non-profit in the legal sense.) I guess I'm glad to know that people who think about this much more than I do and have accomplished far more noteworthy things than I have are also frustrated by this–I just wish the right people were listening. (See also: Service organizations are turning to online social networks for the sake of survival. It's always made me a little sad that Lawrence's Masonic lodge left their downtown temple a few years ago and have set up shop in a strip mall behind Arby's.)

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