Aaron Sumner

My college basketball arena tour wish list

I got a lot of hits on my [post about McArthur Court]–ucks.html) a couple of days ago, thanks to it being picked up by an Oregon Ducks fan site. Like I said, visiting Mac Court was a real treat and I hope to continue visiting historic basketball courts in the next several years. It’s occurred to me that one day we might look back at arenas being built today with the same disdain as we came to look at the cookie cutter stadia like the Vet, Riverfront, Busch Stadium II, and the Metrodome. In 25 years or so will we see a revival of retro arena designs, modeled after the likes of Allen Fieldhouse and Mac Court?

So with that said, I’m hoping to hear from other college basketball fans to get input on the must-visit arenas at which I should catch a game. Here’s my list—not in any particular order, though precedence will given to gyms due for replacement:

Keeping in mind that I’ve seen plenty of games at Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas, where else should I be heading and why?

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.