Aaron Sumner

Finally, a Mac launcher for me: Getting to know Alfred

I don’t like using mice and I don’t like having to remember (too many) keyboard shortcuts. That’s why I like Alfred, a newish Mac launcher that’s based more on keywords than shortcuts, and is just customizable enough that I can make it do what I want without having to spend way too time tweaking (that’s why I never could buy into Quicksilver). Thanks to Nate for showing this to me yesterday.

I like that I can quickly fire up an e-mail message to someone (with or without an attachment). I like that I can browse the file system really quickly now using tabs and arrow keys. And I like that I can create custom web searches to quickly pull up results from websites I hit on a regular basis.

After a little bit of time getting Alfred installed and configured this evening, here are a few custom searches I’ve added for my own use.

Alfred screenshot

The rundown:

If you use Alfred and have some custom handy custom searches, please share. I’d be particularly interested to hear from people using it to access Ruby and Rails-related references.

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.