Aaron Sumner

My 10-year Seattle anniversary (and belated love for LiveJournal)

I was just looking over my long-ago-friends-only-ized LiveJournal archives and realized that the ten-year anniversary of my big move to Seattle is afoot (I hit the road west on May 25, 2001). Reading through my entries, a few things have stood out as interests: First, I talked more than I probably should have then, and definitely would have now—saying way more than I would now. Second, I didn’t give a damn when an “entry” (something that would be called a “post” nowadays in social media parlance) didn’t get a comment; I was used to that sort of thing. And finally, it’s been nice to see how honest I was back then—I didn’t hold much back, and I reported what was what way more often that I do now, even with the relative ease that the social media explosion gives the world.

Reading about my first arrival to Seattle as a resident, my first trip to the Crocodile (to see Kristin Hersh, realizing that we lived in the same town!), my first visit to Ballard (which would go on to be my favorite neighborhood-slash-home for a good chunk of my time in Seattle), having to choose between awesome shows (in my case, Blake Babies versus the Aislers Set; I chose the latter), my first-as-a-resident (and possibly only) Seattle earthquake. And Jennifer Lopez was filming a movie in Seattle! And my first visit to Fremont! (Hint: Don’t make your first visit to Fremont the Fremont Fair, assuming they still do that.)

So here’s to you, LiveJournal. In my mind, social media wouldn’t exist without you. I wouldn’t have made a single friend in Seattle, I don’t think, without you. And I definitely don’t remember as much about my life in the time I’ve ignored you as I do when I obsessed over you and refreshed you a million times a day so I didn’t miss a word.

And Seattle, I love you too and miss you every day—especially the great friends I made there. You’re probably not reading this, but if you are, thank you as well. I’ll be visiting this fall. See you all at Sunset Bowl. Oh wait.

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