Aaron Sumner

TextMate snippets for CanCan (and other Ruby things)

In the interest of keeping my TextMate snippets synced better between my work and home computers, I decided to share a couple of bundles on GitHub this week. The first is a bundle of several random snippets I use with Haml, Jekyll, and Factory Girl. See the README for details. Nothing fancy, but definitely timesaving for me.

I split out my snippets for the CanCan authorization gem, rounded them out a bit, and put them in a bundle of their own. Here’s the list of tab-complete shortcuts as it currently stands:

Defining abilities in ability.rb:

can :manage       cm
can :read         cr
can :index        ci
can :create       cc
can :update       cu
can :destroy      cd
can (array)       c
can (block)       cb
cannot :manage    ctm
cannot :read      ctr
cannot :index     cti
cannot :create    ctc
cannot :update    ctu
cannot :destroy   ctd
cannot (array)    ct
cannot (block)    ctb

Checking abilities in views and controllers:

if can? :manage    cm
if can? :create    cc
if can? :update    cu
if can? :destroy   cd
if can? :index     ci

Protecting controllers and actions:

load_and_authorize_resource       lar
skip_load_and_authorize_resource  slar
load_resource                     lr
skip_load_resource                slr
authorize_resource                ar
skip_authorize_resource           sar

If you try them out please let me know what you think.

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.