Aaron Sumner

Spring is springing in Jefferson County

The mildest winter I can ever remember means flowers are sprouting and trees are budding in northeast Kansas. Actually, they started a couple of weeks ago; they’re good and photographable now. See:

Spring is budding

I’m no good with tree identification just yet; I keep meaning to pick something up at the library next time I’m downtown. All I can tell you that the above buds are on this tree I photographed last fall in its autumnal glory.

Spring buds

Yeah, I don’t know what this one is, either. It’s a smaller tree positioned behind the house.

Spring flowers

Some little crocuses are already blooming on the sunny side of the house.

JoJo says hello.

JoJo the Dog has enjoyed the mild winter. Here he is fresh from an outside romp—just tired enough to stop and pose for a photograph.

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