Aaron Sumner

Snow days

Last winter was our first in the country. I bought an all-wheel drive to prepare and everything. As it turned out, it wasn't necessary–I think we barely got a foot of snow total by the end of the season.

This year's another story. Well, really, this past week is another story. Big snows last week closed my work last Thursday and Friday, then a bigger batch shut it down again today. I went out and snapped a couple of photos to mark the occasion. This was before the wind really picked up and started knocking the snow off of everything.

Snow day

Snow day

Snow day

It's not really a secret that I hate winter, hate snow, hate cold weather–but last Saturday it warmed up quite a bit, so I started rolling up giant snowballs. They became a snow sculpture I called SnoJo in homage to JoJo the dog.

SnoJo the dog

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