Aaron Sumner

Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec book updates: February 2013's Project a Month Project

Keeping up with the Project a Month Project, I took time in February to complete a much-needed round of updates to my self-published book Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec. If you have already purchased the book and weren't aware, you can head over to Leanpub and download an updated copy. Here's a rundown of what was addressed in this update:

A couple of things still in progress:

The plan is to get these knocked out in the next few days, then it's on to the last edit: Updating the Rails 3.2-based application with a 4.0-base. I think I'm going to start with a fresh code base and build up the new application. The good news is I've been playing with the beta of Rails 4.0 and so far haven't found any major issues with my existing approach. Look for the final edits around the time Rails 4.0 goes final.

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.