Aaron Sumner

How would you roll your own data science course?

Last week I mentioned I was taking an online data science course. This week I made the difficult decision to drop it and look for a solution better suited to me, my learning habits, and what I'm looking to do. Based on the syllabus for the course and the work I did so far, I've put together this list of topics I'd like to improve upon and the resources I've found (so far) to help with that. What should I add?



I knew enough Python prior to starting the class to get through the homework. I did take advantage of the Python track on Codecademy to refresh my memory just enough. Is Python the scripting language for data science, or just the language of choice for the teaching staff? Whither Ruby? Or, if you wanted to get from beginner Pythonista to advanced beginner, what would you read next?


Math and statistics

What else?

I'm sure this list is missing things; what should I add?

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.