Aaron Sumner

3 picks for February 7, 2014

Brainwave Studio

I downloaded this the other night during a major bout of insomnia, but have tried it more during the day with programs purporting to boost energy, focus, and creativity. At the time I didn't notice anything, but looking at my work output during and immediately following the focus program, I did get quite a bit done. So there might be something to it, or I might have been secretly seduced into joining a cult. Jury's out.

Mike's at the Crossroads

Mike's has the reputation for serving the best burgers in Sonoma County‚Äďand from what I tasted last week, I'll be surprised if I find a better one anytime soon. One of the best meals I've had on my work trips. Look for Mike's in Cotati, California, just off the intersection of US-101 and CA-116, in a strip mall next to a smoke shop.


It's no secret I'm not a big fan of JavaScript. It's also no secret that you can't do anything on the web these days without having to work with this little language that just won't go away. My to-do list for the year includes the vague catch up on the state of JavaScript in 2014, and my crash course is going to Fluent, this coming March in San Francisco.

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