Aaron Sumner

Learning Elixir, slowly

I've been intrigued by the Elixir programming language and it's friendly take on functional programming for some time, but have been slow to pick things up. That's changing somewhat, thanks to some great resources I've found, but I've also found joy in deliberately taking things slow with a new programming language, versus my usual learn-it-on-the-fly-because-deadlines approach.

I usually have a hard time learning a new programming language just for the sake of learning. As a rule, I'm more project-oriented in how I tackle learning and accomplishing things. However, I don't have an immediate need for a new programming language–Ruby is still my go-to language for my day-to-day work and project ideas, and likely will be for some time to come. However, I still want to learn more about the language and its ecosystem, and maybe even get into it at a relatively early stage.

I've also read a few books off and on, and refer to them as needed:

Finally, I'm looking forward to a revitalized Elixir meetup group in Kansas City. Hope to see you there sometime.

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