Aaron Sumner

3 picks for January 27, 2017

American Civil Liberties Union

I've been a card-carrying member of the ACLU for nearly 15 years. Like many others, I'm greatly concerned by how quickly words have become actions in the current U.S. administration, and the negative repercussions of those actions. I'm angry and ashamed of the America that this administration is projecting upon us and the world. The ACLU is already fighting, for the rights of everyone (not just the privileged). I donate monthly to the ACLU, and hope you'll consider doing the same if you have the means.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

What the ACLU does for civil rights at large, EFF does for rights online. The internet is becoming increasingly hostile to issues like privacy, free expression, and fair use. EFF has brilliant minds fighting to maintain these rights. Support them if you can, or consider buying some nifty swag for the online privacy and freedom lover in your life.


Once upon a time, I ran a small tech shop within a dysfunctional-yet-well-meaning organization that otherwise wasn't known for being on the cutting edge of tech. If I had it to do all over again, I'd run it like 18F. It amazes me what they've been able to do to make government software development open, transparent, and efficient. A skim through their blog or prodigious GitHub organization attests to this. With the clampdown on government communication announced this week, I fear that this openness is coming to a forced, undeserved end (until we do something about it; see picks one and two). But hey, at least those big, overpriced government contractors that were getting shut out will finally get their slice of the pie.

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