Aaron Sumner

3 picks for January 6, 2017

I've been writing more regularly on Everyday Rails the past month or so, and would like to pick up the pace here, too. What easier way than to start with a list of things I like?

BBQ with Franklin

I've been on a break from work for the past couple of weeks, and during my downtime, I really enjoyed learning more about outdoor cooking from this PBS series. It's a little bit how-to, a little bit history, and a little bit BBQ culture. Now if only the weather would cooperate, I'd be outside cooking up some ribs right now! (Also available as a digital download.)

Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa's been getting a bad rap in the news lately, but I think she's just great. I received an Echo Dot for the holidays and have been having a lot of fun with it. It's hooked up to my vintage Midland Solid State 19-549 receiver with a bit of noise in the right channel, which gives it a nice analog feel. Hoping this year to build an Alexa skill of my own.


I've regretted for a long time that I never really, honestly learned to speak or read a foreign language (so much for three years of French in high school, and two years of Italian in college). One of my goals for 2017 is to change that, and I'm starting with Duolingo. I'm not sure how realistic it is to expect fluency from a few minutes a day in what's essentially a game, but it's fun, and it's a start.

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