Aaron Sumner

A quick guide to picking your next tech stack

If your project is for fun, or to learn something new, use whichever technology stack you want. If your project is for any other reason–a customer, client, cause, family member, or friend, then be boring and go with what you know.

Maybe you already knew this. It isn't an original concept. You can search for boring technical stacks yourself, or watch "Butterfly in Reverse: From SOA to Monolith" by Mark Bates at last year's OSCON (full disclosure: Safari link, so a subscription is required, and this is my employer–but I don't think this talk is available anywhere else online). I've have a conversation about this multiple times in the past few months, though, so it seems worth bringing up again.

Following this line of advice, I formally started a new project last week, using hosted WordPress. I'll be writing more about why I didn't go with a static site generator for this soon, but there's no reason to reinvent any wheels for it.

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.