Aaron Sumner

Making the switch to Plausible analytics

After years of wrangling with Google Analytics to try to understand which content of mine was useful (or at least popular), I recently started using Plausible for web analytics on several projects, including my personal site. If you’re an independent tech author or software developer, or have the influence within your company to make the switch, Plausible’s worth checking out.

I've shared my rationale behind switching to Plausible on Everyday Rails, at least as it applies to (indie) software developers and tech authors. But I'd like to reiterate, in the slightly-less-filtered environment of my personal site–I think Plausible's approach to analytics and privacy is the right thing to do. Any time I can be directly responsible for one fewer site that has to warn visitors about cookies tracking them, is a few extra minutes of sleep I get that evening.

And I love, love, love the inherent simplicity of Plausible. As a content producer (such that I am), I'm more than happy to pay for both visitors' privacy and ease-of-use, and in turn help support indie software developers who are developing in the open. We need more Plausibles in the world.

. Questions or comments? Let me know what you think.