Aaron Sumner

The Project a Month Project

In December of 2012, I announced my Project a Month Project as a way to chip away at a nagging want-to-do list and maybe pick up a new skill or two in the process. Each month's project concludes with a show-and-tell post here. When applicable, I'm also sharing the source on my GitHub account. Here's what I've worked on so far:

Sound Refound (November 2012)

A Rails 3.2-plus-Twitter Bootstrap overhaul of an old gallery site I'd created. (Sound Refound, summary, source)

Docent (December 2012)

My first published gem; a Rails mountable engine to add a contextual help system to a Rails application. Mostly a proof-of-concept and excuse to experiment with mountable engines. (Docent, Summary, Source)

Leanpub sales data visualizer (January 2013)

A spartan, personal utility application to create charts of sales data for my book, Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec. Mostly just useful to me. (Summary, Source)

Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec updates (February 2013)

Some much-needed updates to my book on the RSpec test framework and Rails, covering changes to the landscape that have occurred since last fall. (Summary)

Wall cabinet (September 2013)

Going analog and adding a little storage to my barn. (Summary)